​     SculptraRAesthetic is an FDA approved synthetic injectable material called a semi-permanent "collagen stimulator".  It is designed to gradually restore fullness to areas affected by the loss of fat and collagen, the hallmarks of aging.  Unlike "temporary fillers" such as hyaluronic acid (JuvedermR, RestylaneR) which are approved to treat individual lines of the face, SculptraAesthetic is a global correction of the aging effect.  

     Sculptra is a solution of microbeads which, over the course of 4-6 weeks, stimulate the body to deposit its own collagen.  The microbeads then dissolve away.  Repeat injections build upon this new layer of collagen until the desired volume is reached.  A typical treatment course is 3-4 sessions performed four to six weeks apart.  In contrast to the "temporary fillers" which last only 6-8 months, following a standard course of treatment with Sculptra results can be seen for 2-5 years.  

     SculptraRAesthetic can be used to treat aging of the skin of the face, neck, ears or hands.  It can also be used to correct hollows under the eyes or defects of the body due to trauma or surgery.

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